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Physiotherapeutische Behandlung

Physiotherapy/physical therapy

The combination of movement therapy and muscle building training is what makes a physiotherapy treatment successful. The body's physiological reactions and metabolism are stimulated. Weak points are eliminated by building muscle and tension is relieved. Habitual patterns can be reduced through physiotherapy and general well-being improves. The more committed the patient cooperates and the more regularly he maintains the exercises, the greater the success of the therapy.

Physiotherapy on the device (KGG)

Device-assisted physiotherapy (KG on the device) is used to treat pathological muscle insufficiency and shortening using special medical training equipment. KGG is a synonym for a stripped-down form of medical training therapy. Training equipment is used primarily for chronic spinal diseases and for postoperative procedures. Lever and cable pull devices are also used for the trunk and extremity muscles.
What is important here is guidance and correction from the treating therapist.
This is a remedy that can also be prescribed for legally insured patients and requires special approval from health insurance companies and special practice equipment. The KGG can be prescribed for specified symptoms that are assigned primary strengthening of the muscles according to the remedy guidelines. KGG is intended by health insurance companies as group therapy, but can also be carried out as individual therapy. It is usually prescribed as a parallel individual treatment (together with other patients).

Training mit Langhantel

Manual therapy (MT)

Manual therapy is used by specially trained therapists and is more than just “healing treatment by hand”. Joint-specific clinical pictures are primarily treated, taking the patient's individual circumstances into account. This includes the treatment of soft tissues as well as the therapy of capsule problems. However, the success of these techniques must be maintained through activity and training.

​In our practice, both the Cyriax and Maitland manual therapy concepts and the osteopathic concept are used.


Behandlung der Kiefergelenks

Complaints on and around the jaw (myofascial pain, disc displacement, arthralgia, etc.) are also treated in our Wiesbaden practices. We would also be happy to give you tips and physiotherapeutic exercises for everyday life. We would also be happy to work with your dentist or orthodontist.

Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF)

Nerve damage often occurs as a side effect of orthopedic diseases. That is why not only orthopedic but also neurophysiological methods are used during physiotherapy.

Behandlung von Gelenkschmerzen

Manual lymphatic drainage (MLD)

Die Lymphdrainage stellt einen der vier Aspekte der Komplexen Physikalischen Entstauungstherapie (KPE) dar.
Unser Lymphsystem transportiert Abfallstoffe des Körpers und sorgt dafür, dass man keine Schwellungen bekommt. Wird das Lymphgefäßsystem, welches den ganzen Körper durchzieht, durch Operationen, Infektionen oder Durchblutungsstörungen geschädigt, oder ist es bereits seit der Geburt fehlangelegt, kommt es häufig zu einer Schwellung des umliegenden Gewebes.
Durch die Lymphdrainage wird die Arbeit des Lymphgefäßsystems manuell angeregt und unterstützt. Die Lymphe wird anhand von akurat platzierten, kreisenden Massagebewegungen zurück in den Blutkreislauf transportiert und die Schwellung des Gewebes nimmt ab.
Da die Wirkung der Lymphdrainage für ungefähr 60 Minuten anhält, ist die Kompression der betroffenen Körperpartie durch Bandagen oder das Tragen von Kompressionsstrümpfen zur Entstauung nötig. Die in Bewegung getragene Kompressionsversorgung unterstützt den Abtransport der Lymphe und erhält auch nach der Lymphdrainage den Therapieerfolg.
Die anfänglich engmaschige Betreuung in der Entstauungsphase, kann reduziert werden, sobald in die Erhaltungsphase der KPE übergegangen wurde.


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